Kiara Holt

Tell us about yourself and your brand.

Hi! My name is Kiara Holt. For more than a decade, I've had the privilege of curating distinctive looks as a Personal Stylist, empowering and instilling confidence in women around the world. To me, style embodies the core of inner confidence and self-assurance, emanating outward through personal expression. 


How would you describe the essence of your brand in three words?

My passion lies in three fundamental pillars: doing good, feeling good, and looking good.

What inspires the creative direction and vision of your brand?

Inspiration strikes when I immerse myself in the real lives of everyday women. Working closely with them, I witness firsthand how clothing can profoundly transform their existence. This realization forms the cornerstone of my brand's vision: to serve as a conduit for my clients to embrace their authentic selves and undergo seamless evolution. I am deeply passionate about empowering individuals to express themselves through fashion and facilitating their journey towards effortless self-discovery.

 In what ways does your brand empower individuals to express themselves through beauty?

 While fashion plays a pivotal role, it's beauty in its entirety that truly breathes life into a look! When I'm styling a client, beyond assembling the  perfect outfit, we delve into the realm of makeup  direction. Should we opt for a bold red lip or a subtle nude shade? Beauty seamlessly   complements fashion, enhancing the overall   aesthetic and bringing out the  individual's unique charm.

What are some key lessons you've learned along the way that you wish you knew when starting out?

Through my journey, I've embraced invaluable lessons that resonate deeply with me. One such lesson is the importance of remaining authentic to your craft. Each project undertaken should reflect the essence of your brand, ensuring alignment with your vision and values. Additionally, I've learned to prioritize the necessity of taking breaks. Just as every masterpiece requires moments of pause, creators too need periods of rest to rejuvenate and find inspiration for their next creations.

What are some of your best-selling products, and what makes them unique?

Let's talk about my cards Tap into some good– they're truly special to me. I crafted them during a challenging period in my life, but my purpose was always to share light with others. What makes them unique is their dual nature: not only can you draw inspiration for yourself, but you can also uplift and inspire those around you. They serve as a vessel for spreading positivity and connection, reflecting the journey of pouring into oneself and extending that same energy to others. 

What upcoming products or initiatives can consumers look forward to?

I'm currently immersed in the creation of a digital Style E-book designed to empower women in honing their personal style while nurturing their self-confidence. Additionally, I'm excited to extend my services to the women of the Atlanta area, offering personalized assistance in curating their individual styles. My aim is to not only enhance outward appearance but also to foster inner strength and self-assurance.


What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as a female entrepreneur, and how did you overcome them?

One of the most significant challenges I've encountered was embracing the 'one woman team' mindset. While I've been deeply involved in launching my product, managing outsourcing, and orchestrating photo shoots, I've come to realize the invaluable support network around me. Overcoming these hurdles meant acknowledging the power of seeking assistance when needed. By embracing the strength of my network and being open to asking for help, I've navigated through challenges more effectively.

What advice would you give to other women who aspire to become entrepreneurs?

My advice is simple yet profound: hone in on your purpose. When a vision grips your mind and refuses to let go, it's a sign that you're onto something significant. Once you've identified it, treat your passion with the dedication and commitment you would a 9-5 job. The journey may be challenging, but the rewards will undoubtedly make it all worthwhile in the end.

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